It all started over tacos on the lower east side, new york city’s most Creatively significant neighborhood

It was there that Gandhar Savur and Alex Threadgold first sketched out their vision of a law firm that would enrich the lives of artists and entrepreneurs by passionately protecting, defending and enabling their creations. Introduced by a mutual colleague who correctly assessed that they would hit it off, the duo discovered a shared passion for music, craftsmanship, and English football. This inspired meeting eventually led to the formation of Savur Threadgold LLP. But this was more than just the mere creation of a partnership. It was the birth of a new kind of firm focused on creators and their companies, with a mission to provide peerless service and hands-on attention to every client though each step of the legal journey.

When you work with Savur Threadgold, you gain more just the services of a law firm; you bring on a new set of partners who are vested in your success. You also gain access to their unique set of experiences.  In truth, neither of the founding partners of this firm took a traditional path into the law, and this benefits every client who crosses their threshold.

Prior to founding the firm in 2008, Gandhar Savur spent years slugging it out in the underground music circuit, playing in underground and DIY venues across America and the UK. His past and present experiences as a touring musician and recording artist enable him to directly relate to artists and help them overcome the challenges they face navigating the music and media industries.  Alex Threadgold similarly spent years as a DJ and successful indie label owner, and these experiences has proven invaluable as he helps new business owners avoid the pitfalls that he experienced firsthand.

Today the firm is able to leverage this extensive experience in and knowledge of music, startups, corporate matters, entertainment and media to help guide clients and to protect their legal interests. 

And the relationships forged with clients are the bedrock on which the firm sits. Clients who are passionate about their art or their businesses need a team of lawyers who are equally passionate about protecting it. Gandhar and Alex have forged a new type of law firm, developing a practice that is both modern and creative; it is this refined approach that sets Savur Threadgold LLP apart from other firms.